Best BTC mixer services for 2024

We aim to offer unbiased reviews for the best BTC mixing services, tools, and technologies to safeguard your privacy from global oversight and regulation.
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Top 3 Bitcoin/BTC tumblers: rating


MixerTumbler was established in 2019; the service allows Bitcoin enthusiasts to mix coins at a nominal fee compared to other tumbling solutions. Upon visiting the website, users are promptly offered the option to commence a shuffling process without disclosing personal information or creating an account.

Fee: 0.1% – 3.5% randomized.



BitMix is a mixing service that aims to sever the link between the sender’s and recipient’s wallets. The website was established in 2017 to safeguard user privacy and assist crypto holders in utilizing clear coins devoid of any transaction history.

Fee: 0.4 – 4% maunally set by the user.


Anonymix is a highly regarded Bitcoin laundry that has gained significant popularity in the industry, thanks to its impeccable reputation in Dark Web. The site offers a meager fee, making it highly cost-effective to use.

Fee: only 0.3%/transaction + (0.0001BTC/extra address).

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Is it essential to use a Bitcoin mixer or tumbler?

Despite governmental measures to address personal data privacy concerns, cyber attackers and other malicious individuals have uncovered numerous vulnerabilities on the internet, which enables them to gain unauthorized access to sensitive information belonging to victims. Cryptocurrency users, including those who transact with Bitcoin, have raised concerns about the potential lack of privacy due to the ability to trace public keys and pseudonymous BTC addresses back to real-world identities. To enhance privacy when using Bitcoin, many investors are resorting to Bitcoin mixers or BTC tumblers to obscure their crypto transactions from potential threats and blockchain analysis firms. BTC mixers are online tools that enable users to break the link between their old and new Bitcoin addresses by intermingling their coins with others in a mixing pool. It effectively separates the original coins from their owner and makes tracing the funds’ origin nearly impossible. Using a reliable Bitcoin blender, users can ensure anonymity and protect their privacy while transacting in the crypto world. In simpler terms, consider BTC tumbling services as a way to pass funds through several offshore banks with strict confidentiality laws, such as those in the Bahamas. It is crucial to take extreme caution during every step of a Bitcoin transaction to avoid any potential risk. A single error could expose your sensitive transaction information to malicious entities, such as hackers, government agencies, or other unwanted parties. Such exposure could lead to significant financial losses and even threaten your safety. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that you follow all the recommended security protocols to keep your Bitcoin transactions private and secure.

How do Bitcoin tumblers work?

When an exchange implements KYC (Know Your Customer) protocols, it erodes the anonymity factor. Regrettably, nearly all cryptocurrency exchanges necessitate users to authenticate their identity to enhance security and curb money laundering activities. Consequently, your exchange address becomes linked to your personal information. Following incoming transactions makes it possible to trace your wallet, holdings, other accounts, and transactions. Therefore, KYC procedures expose users’ information and transactions to scrutiny, which could compromise their privacy. This is the case where Bitcoin mixers (tumblers) come in handy. Instead of sending a fixed amount of cryptocurrency directly to a destination address, you send your coins to one of the best Bitcoin tumbler platforms. It will combine and redistribute the transactions among multiple users, making it nearly impossible to trace the original owner of Bitcoin. Ultimately, the funds will be sent to your desired destination address from one or more addresses that cannot be linked to your personal wallets or exchange accounts.

Do Bitcoin mixers store any logs by default?

Most reputable BTC mixers are designed with users’ anonymity in mind, so they do not store logs or records of their users’ transactions to maintain their users’ privacy. By using no-log-storage crypto blenders, users can be sure that their personal information is stored in the platform’s databases no longer than the time required to complete mixing transactions thoroughly. Generally, all logs are automatically and permanently deleted from the tumbler’s databases in 24 hours upon successful mixing. However, it is essential to note that some less reputable mixers may store logs, so it is vital to do thorough research before using a mixer. Some providers may also choose to keep their transaction statistics, leading to de-anonymization. Do your research and pick only a trustworthy Bitcoin blender with a proven track record of protecting user privacy.

How much do Bitcoin tumbler services cost?

The mixing fee for most Bitcoin tumbling sites ranges from 0.1% to 5%, which may vary per mixing procedure. Randomized fees complicate tracking input and output coins. The fees also help the cryptocurrency tumbler to operate and have enough resources to obtain fresh coins for efficient mixing. Pay attention that Bitcoin tumbler services are also subject to miners’ fees, like with any other transaction occurring on the Bitcoin blockchain. It is a fixed fee of 0.25 mBTC per destination address; however, it can add to the overall cost when using a BTC anonymization platform.

Can a BTC blender handle large Bitcoin transactions worth over $100K?

Each crypto blender platform will have its deposit amount threshold. However, some smaller tumbling platforms may not have coins in their pool to process large Bitcoin transactions. If you are paranoid and want to secure your funds, you can divide your deposit into smaller parts.